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We Treat You Like Family weather you are coming in or dealing with our Newark Pawn Shop company online. We Buy Gold! We do our very best to make sure we take good care of you from start to finish. We pay the most cash for your gold, silver, fine jewelry, watches and also for any other items we purchase. We have very nice Engagement Rings In Yellow and White Gold for sale at each location. Just Google "Pawn Shops Near Me", there we are. Call or come by one of our locations today to see what sets us apart from the others in our industry. You will be pleasantly surprised at our genuine professionalism. We want you as a client for life.



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Discreet, secure loans are what we built our reputation on for many years. We loan against your valuables like gold chains and give you the highest price when we value your possessions. We are going to pay you in cash for silver and give it to you on the spot.

Our customers make our entire business. We value your trust and do all the right things to earn that trust from the moment you walk in or call our Online Pawn Shop store. We service people from all over the country. We are able to make lend cash to your friends and family where ever they are in all 48 continental United States. Tell them about us and how when they call us we provide an estimated value right over the phone. We simply have them send a picture of the item to us they are wanting to sell or borrow against and we give them an approximate value right over the phone. Then, once the item is received we inspect it and email the final purchase or offer. We can then send the money in to their account right away or overnight a certified check the same day.

We loan money in cash and are quick about the process. We specialize in loaning money against many items of value like gold jewelry even if it's broken. We can borrow against it or even buy it from you for a fair price. Pawn shops are the best and easiest way to get money for your valuables. And all the while saving on the interest rate as we have some of the lowest rates in the entire country.

We get a call the other day and the lady says she has been looking for a loan on a antique gold ring and it is valuable. We had her send us a picture right away and she was shocked at the over the phone appraisal. Then when she brought it in she was even more surprised because it was actually worth more than we thought. So she walked out a few minutes later with more money than she ever expected. Another happy customer for State Gold Buyers and Loan Co.

When comparing Pawn Shops in the Newark New Jersey area you might want to consider how many years they have been in business, along with their reputation. Look at the reviews they have accumulated and see for yourself who looks like the best choice for you. Then give us a call and see the difference we can make in your life because we will give you the most money for your items. And our rates are very low as well. You will know you have found the best place to deal with as soon as you either call or come in for the first time.

A guy calls up and has has some old coins he wants to know the value. So we do our best to tell him what they are worth right over the phone. He likes what he is hearing so he decides to bring them in for further inspection. He is so happy he called us because he explained how he had been to other pawn shops but didn't feel they were giving him top dollar for his coins. We told him exactly what they are worth and what we could borrow from us. He is another customer for life now just because we treated him like family!

We have seen other pawn shops come and go over the years. It seems we treat our clientele with the respect they deserve and of course we are always honest with you. We value your items fairly and loan or pay you a very fair market value. When you need some fast cash we are your best choice either over the phone via online or just stop by one of our Newark, NJ locations.

We had the nicest lady come in the other day. She wanted to get some money for some old watches she was tired of. She had no idea that two of the watches had actually increased in value quite a bit. When we told her how much we were offering her for the watches she was shocked. She couldn't help but to ask why are you giving me so much. We explained that a couple of them went up in value quite a bit and we are always paying a fair price for your valuables. She was already a customer but was almost crying because she knows that that kind of honesty is hard to find now a days. Call or come by today. We will treat you like family!

In the pawn shop industry we are well known for paying top dollar for your items. At State Gold Buyers And Loan Company we are gaining ground for state of the art online pawn shops. Simply fill out a simple form and click send. Then take a picture and send it by email. We will call you or you call us and we will give you an approximate value right over the phone. Then you send the item or items to us overnight and insured and we do a final assessment once we receive your stuff. We then email you a final offer to buy your item or items. If you choose to accept, we express you the money right away. It is a simple, easy and discreet method that is all done from the comfort of your home. Online pawning is the fastest and easiest way to get cash now AND IT'S CONFIDENTIAL!

A nice family came in the other day. They said they were a little down on their luck and needed money to pay some bills. They said all they had that may have some value was some old jewelry that they had gotten from a relative when she died. They were wondering if they might be able to get enough money to get bills caught up as the husband had gotten hurt at work and it turned out to be expensive. So we evaluated their old jewelry. To all of our surprise the jewelry really didn't look like much at first glance. But upon further inspection there were some precious stones that were quite valuable. There was also a fair amount of gold. All together they had far more than enough to just get caught up. They left with a nice sum of money and were so thankful they found us. Just another nice story about our honesty!

In our business you never know what someone might bring in. The other day a guy comes in and he had a really nice ring he said was worth a lot of money. He said he just needed a loan for a week or so and could we help him out. Of course we tested the ring to make sure it was the real thing and then got him the money he needed in just a few minutes he was out the door with more than enough money. He comes back just a few days later and said he was ready to get the ring back. He was surprised at how little it actually cost him to borrow all that money. Even though it was for just a short time he thought for sure it was going to be expensive. We explained that we are better than a bank in so many ways. But especially how our interest rates are low and how quickly we get you in and out.

Our Vaults are better than the one you see here. We just used this one to have a picture of a safe so you know we don't just throw your valuables in a drawer or something. We are careful to inventory everything properly upon arrival so you get back the right package when it's time to pay a loan off. All online transactions are video recorded at the time we open your overnight parcel so we are all sure of the contents when it arrives.
Our secure system is second to none and our interest rates are the best in the country.  Call today to see how our level of professionalism is hard to beat. We take excellent care of our customers and it shows in the way we treat people. Also, don't forget to ask about our monthly specials on certain purchases. We have bargain prices on certain items every month so it is worth remembering to ask us while we are on the phone with you.